What is your health worth?  $1 billion dollars?  

Our health is priceless!  Without your health you cannot live
life to the optimum.  Indeed, with certain health limitations
we cannot make a living or live a pain free life or enjoy our
family to the fullest.

Research indicates that we are not able to obtain all of the
high quality vitamins, chelated minerals and other necessary
nutrients just through eating properly.  Indeed, life can be
prolonged and enhanced through proper nutrition, eating,
exercise and avoidance of unhealthy lifestyles.  Many life
threatening illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, stroke,
diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s can be
mitigated, if not avoided, through proper nutrition!  The
source for this documented information is well known
author Robert G. Allen who has detailed medical research

Cash flow is increased by your health. Significantly increase
your health and you will significantly increase your cash
flow potential. Decide to take control of your health today
by learning about eating properly, good nutrition and
exercising regularly to create your new, healthy lifestyle.

Following is a helpful link to
7 basic supplements for good
health beginning with a vitamin and mineral supplement. You
can also receive their free emails so you can keep up with
the latest research. I have personally used them as an
inexpensive source for high quality nutritional supplements. I
enthusiastically endorse them. I do not receive any type of
remuneration nor other incentives for referring Swanson
Health Products to you.

I want you to reach your maximum cash flow potential in
every way possible including your health.


Don Vickers, Cash Flow Consultant

For Better Financial Services, Inc.

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